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About Veriten

Veriten is a knowledge and media platform with a focus on energy, technology, and environmental trends.

Independent and employee-owned, we provide diverse perspectives, technical expertise, robust analytical approach, and fact-based content to guide all stakeholders across traditional and new energy markets. Veriten is excited to expand upon its base program C.O.B.T. and intends to stream content in written, video, and podcast format. Additional recurring streams beyond C.O.B.T. will include a focus on innovation and technology and a CEO-centric stream focused on leadership and culture. Beyond our online and mobile platforms, networking and conferencing on key topics and across industries will be critical to team’s efforts to have a meaningful impact on the energy conversation. A central theme to all of Veriten’s efforts will be an evergreen analysis of “What will the energy world look like in ten years?” Select partners will be able to access the Veriten team for more complete analysis and discussion.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Veriten, our mission is to help advance the world’s efforts to achieve sustainable energy security, with greater abundance, greater reliability, lower cost, and minimal environmental harm.

To reach this goal, we create and share knowledge that improves the quality of discussion and decision-making. We provide a global networking platform for policymakers, futurists, entrepreneurs, academics, non-profit organizations, individual citizens, and energy stakeholders at every point in every country, to find common ground. Veriten promotes market-based initiatives, advocates for the crucial role of traditional energy companies and educates young people about how to deploy their intelligence and boundless optimism into the ever-evolving energy careers our world will always need.

Our Values

Our Values

Our values include intellectual honesty, open-mindedness, teamwork, transparency, innovation, curiosity, diligence, integrity, and ethical decision-making.

We believe we have a duty to share what we know about the present condition of energy in human systems. We also embrace the leadership we can provide in spotlighting both pitfalls and opportunities on the potential pathways onward. We aim to focus on the real problems in energy today and to seek scalable, implementable solutions that make sense, make money, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

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Close of Business Tuesday (C.O.B.T.) is a weekly one-hour talk show that serves as a knowledge pipeline for the energy industry and the energy curious. We host honest, timely, conversations with people we believe can improve the discussion, can provide new perspectives, can share unique insights into key energy issues, and can discuss inventive, pragmatic solutions for a stronger energy future. New episodes are released every Wednesday at 6:00 AM CT.

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At Veriten, every member of our team contributes to the value and competitive advantages we provide for our friends and clients. Our talented people are not only bringing their creativity, analytical capital, and passion but also tapping into our global network of similarly inclined friends to create and deliver energy intelligence for a brighter future.

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Veriten Welcomes Arjun Murti as Partner

Veriten, a research, strategy and investing firm focused on the long-term challenges and opportunities in the energy sector, today announced that Arjun Murti, who has served as a Senior Advisor since August 2022, has been appointed as a Partner leading the firm’s Energy Macro and Policy efforts.

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One of the key underlying questions in all of our analysis is “what will the energy world look like in ten years?” We chose that timeframe as very meaningful change can happen in ten years, it’s a longer but still practical planning horizon, and it’s a short enough timeframe that planning must begin soon to accomplish the objectives. We also anticipate massive change in energy over the next decade but know as long-time energy people that technologies, policies, developments outside of energy, financing markets, geopolitics, and many other factors almost always intervene in ways that disrupt the conventional wisdom. We believe if we are continually analyzing the range of rolling ten-year scenarios, it will serve to make our own capital allocation, and that of our partners, much better. We are excited to visit with you about being our partner.