July 13, 2022

“Alaska Is The Best Kept Secret In The United States of America” Featuring Governor Mike Dunleavy

Today we had the honor of hosting Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska for an exciting and informational episode. Governor Dunleavy is a Scranton, PA native and as a young man moved to Alaska in 1983 where he had an extensive career in education serving as a teacher, principal, and superintendent before his 5-year term as an Alaska State Senator from 2013-2018. He became Governor in 2018 and is up for re-election this November. We had a fantastic time visiting and walked away from the discussion impressed with Gov. Dunleavy and his passion to advance the state's energy opportunities.

Gov. Dunleavy helped frame our discussion with background and history of the state, the state's unique features, history of their energy production, difficulties with federal regulations, the proposed pipeline from the North Slope to Nikiski and how it would impact the state's LNG exports to Asia, the Native American and US veteran populations of Alaska, and information on Alaska's energy transition minerals. We also cover relations with Russia and the full spectrum of energy available in Alaska from hydro, nuclear, geothermal, wind, solar, and tidal, to oil and natural gas. Overall, we learned a lot about the state (which Gov. Dunleavy thinks is the "best kept secret in the United States of America") and have a better appreciation for their contributions and challenges. We can't thank the Governor enough for his time and consideration and are looking forward to Veriten's future visit to Alaska!

The Veriten team quickly hit a few key points to start the show: Mike Bradley highlighted interesting headlines of the week including OPEC's 2023 Market Outlook and ERCOT's struggles with the heat, and also covered weekly equity and commodity performance. Colin Fenton provided a macro market outlook and warned that coastline states that skipped the 2014/2016 slump may see areas of recession, and that unfortunately inflation peaking does not mean inflation is over.

Thanks to you all. We hope you enjoy and that you learn something new about Alaska!

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February 15, 2022

“Weakness is Provocative” – Dan Sullivan

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