May 11, 2021

Ep. 63 – Featuring Todd Kantor (Encompass Capital Advisors)

This week we had the great opportunity to visit with Todd Kantor, Founder, Managing Member and Portfolio Manager at Encompass Capital Advisors. Encompass is a highly regarded energy-focused investment firm, headquartered in New York.

Today's discussion touched on a bit of everything including current investment trends, the team at Encompass, ESG, natural gas outlook, SPACs, the oil macro, Iran, and the energy transition investment space... just to name a few! Todd is a great friend of the firm and we had a fantastic discussion.

As always, the TPH crew covered a few topics to kick things off: Mike Bradley covered the Colonial Pipeline outage and its potential impact for prices and politics. We also discussed the recent debate in Michigan over an important pipeline. Matt Portillo expanded the discussion to include propane inventory levels in Michigan and for the US looking to the remainder of the year. Matt also touched on Q1 earnings for the upstream sector and passed it to Colin Fenton for a summary of unique events from this week, ending with a positive note on COVID-19 conditions in the US.

All the best from all of us at TPH!

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