November 23, 2021

Ep. 91 – “A Basin to Remember – An Update on the San Juan” with Jerry McHugh

Today we had some great learning... or we should say "relearning." We had a great visit with Jerry McHugh of "San Juan IQ" - a monthly webcast hosted by Jerry where everything that’s happening in the San Juan basin is discussed. Jerry is a long-time veteran of the basin and has been CEO of San Juan Resources since 1990.

As you will hear, we covered a ton of territory with Jerry today. The basin’s latest production, the rig count, the new (and old) players, the types of wells, the outlook, the potential for LNG, the dealings with the BLM, New Mexico’s new methane regulations, etc. It was a really fun walkthrough of what we all knew as a real granddaddy of US gas basins. Jerry was kind enough to share some summary slides.

Today’s lead-in was outstanding. Mike hit the developments with the SPR and the Biden Administration’s attempt to do “something.” Matt Portillo and Matthew Blair jumped in talked some new work the TPH team has been doing around renewable fuels (big new report out last week). Colin brought us home with a deeper dive on what’s really going on with gasoline prices (after highlighting some of the Administration’s recent comments). It was a zesty lead-in from the TPH crew.

As well turn towards Thanksgiving, we wish you all the best and ARE SO THANKFUL for your friendship. We will tease by sharing we do have something up our sleeve for Thanksgiving day barring technical or other difficulties. Let’s just say it should be the kind of thing your whole family should watch. Or maybe better yet, all of America.

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