April 13, 2022

“In ESG, the E is for Emissions and the S and G are Silent” Featuring Adam Waterous, Waterous Energy Fund

Today we welcomed an old friend, Adam Waterous, to COBT and had a sweeping energy conversation reflective of his 30+ years in energy transactions, financings, investing, and strategy. Adam founded Waterous in 1991, stayed through 2017, and then began Waterous Energy Fund. As you will hear in the discussion, Adam has phenomenal historical perspective, a unique framework for the world from here, and is direct in his candor about what's working and what's not in today's world. It was a fantastic session and we can't thank Adam enough for joining us.

Colin Fenton's inflation commentary added meat to the topic that is the front and center macro driver of current commodity, equity and debt markets… and drives home the point that the current inflation issues are not a post-Ukraine event. Mike Bradley kicked us off with comments leading into Q1 earnings season and observations on energy stocks' relative and absolute performance.

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March 2, 2022

“If You Follow Fashion, You’ll Get Fleeced” – Martin Lovegrove

We are thrilled to have Martin Lovegrove, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Kirk Lovegrove & Company join us today. Martin has a wealth of knowledge and experience around strategic advisory, acquisitions, and divestitures with 50 years in the global oil and gas business. In his career, he has advised 120+ clients on over 500 mandates and has developed four independent successful advisory companies along the way. It was wonderful to visit with Martin and get his perspective on all the issues swirling around in today's world. Undeniably, a great deal has happened since last week's episode with Dr. Angela Stent and Dr. Dan Yergin. As we all watch the harrowing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine develop, we wanted to provide a list of organizations that are offering relief support to the country including a few charities specifically focused on children.

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