December 8, 2022

“Iran: Energy, Economy, Strife, and Potential Outcomes” Featuring Dr. Iman Nasseri, Facts Global Energy

We are excited to bring you this Special Edition on a topic that we find quite important: Iran. To help us discuss Iran's energy scene, we had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Iman Nasseri, Managing Director, Middle East with Facts Global Energy (FGE). Dr. Nasseri joined us from Dubai and has an extensive background in energy economics, Middle East oil research, and Middle East gas/LNG coverage. As you will hear, we cover Iran's energy market and also touch on the current political landscape.

To start the conversation, Dr. Nasseri provides some quick color on his background and FGE including their analytical and consulting practices. We then dive into an extensive discussion on the Iran nuclear deal and implications for oil production and the impact of sanctions, oil export revenue for Iran's government, the current status of the nuclear deal and how conditions have changed with the Russian/Ukraine war, Iran's relationship with Venezuela, dynamics with OPEC, Iran's refined product market over the next few years, Iranian crude, economic and political stress in Iran, FGE's projections for gas demand, and much more. We wrap with Dr. Nasseri's view on what Iran will look like in the next ten years. Mike Bradley and Colin Fenton also joined for our global discussion.

If you're interested in additional reading, Dr. Nasseri has shared FGE's report titled, "What If the Iranian Uprising Brings Down the Islamic Republic?"

Thanks to all of you for your friendship and support!

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