June 1, 2022



We're excited to release the second episode of Hatch, an interview series focused on Innovation. With this series, we're hoping to profile people, thoughts, and ideas that are impacting us in new or unusual ways. As a sponsor, you have first access to these interviews. And as always, please give us your feedback or let us know if you have questions or suggestions!

For this episode, we had the pleasure of visiting with Ravi Sahu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Strayos. Strayos is an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform that maps underlying geologic and topographic conditions for mining operations, headquartered in Buffalo, New York. They specialize in developing advanced image processing and AI solutions designed to improve safety, efficiently, and productivity in job sites while significantly reducing a project's environmental footprint by building an optimal development and extraction plan.

Ravi has an entrepreneurial background and founded Strayos in 2016 after noticing a need in the mining industry. He has global experience working in Asia, Europe, UK, Canada and US building software and data platforms. In our discussion, we learn about Strayos, Ravi's background and journey to founding the company, his experience with previous startups, how he jumped into the mining industry, and the mining industry's role in the energy transition and decarbonization.

We look forward to seeing Strayos continue to grow. We hope you enjoy the discussion!

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