March 11, 2022

“The Largest Green Initiative on the Planet” – A Discussion with Toby Rice

In addition to a jam-packed CERAWeek full of content, news flow and interesting perspectives, EQT, led by Toby Rice, released its impactful plan of “Unleashing US LNG – The Largest Green Initiative on the Planet.” The 56-page slide deck outlines the ambition to quadruple US LNG capacity by 2030 (what it would take on the upstream, midstream and downstream side) and importantly the global environmental impact (reduces CO2 emission equal to that of electrifying every US passenger vehicle, powering every US home with rooftop solar and adding 54k industrial scales windmills).

The conversation first touched on several themes resonating with the group from time spent navigating the CERA crowd then moved to a discussion of EQT’s US LNG expansion plan and the punchy slides that captured the essence of the messaging. Timing is of the essence for the world to move the needle on its emissions profile (global coal consumption increases last year unwound years of emissions improvement from renewables expansion). From there, we discussed what the US government could do to help this LNG expansion plan be achievable. Toby did a great job of encapsulating the race among energy providers to be 1) cheap, 2) reliable and 3) not just clean…but zero emissions over the next decade.

It’s been an awesome week in Houston exploring the dynamic energy issues. Thank you all for the support and it has been great to see so many of you in person this week.

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