January 4, 2023

“We Haven’t Seen This Before Because We Haven’t Needed To” Featuring Danny Rice, NET Power

Happy 2023 to you all! Welcome to the first COBT of the year featuring Danny Rice, incoming CEO of NET Power. Danny has a remarkable perspective from which he could discuss many of the issues and opportunities in today's energy world. He has seen and accomplished much… former CEO of Rice Energy, investing in and then selling Archaea Energy to BP, his experience on the EQT board, former Whiting Petroleum board member, and now the next CEO of NET Power, just to hit a few of the highlights. As you will hear in the conversation, we drew on all of his experience to discuss a wide range of great energy topics.

The theme of our discussion today was around what Danny referred to as the energy trifecta… reliable, clean, and affordable. Danny and his brothers have made a career in and around natural gas and we certainly spent a good amount of time on gas as the decarbonizing weapon of the future. What was particularly new here was the topic of NET Power and the company's unique technology that has the potential to create emission free natural gas-driven power. "Zero emission natural gas" is obviously very compelling. We dig into the details and do our best to explore all the implications and angles. We joked going in that this episode should be our first two-hour COBT and there is no question we could have gone that long. But don't worry, we kept it to our usual hour. And it was really a fantastic hour!

Mike Bradley kicked us off with a review of the red on Tuesday's screen, a look back at last year, some preview of the next three to six months, and finally a longer range outlook. Jeff Tillery shared his views on returns and the much-improved upstream business model. Todd Scruggs also joined for the robust discussion with Danny.

What a great way to kick off the year. We can't thank Danny enough and hope you get a chance to enjoy this one in its entirety.

All the best for an incredible year from all of us at Team Veriten!

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