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The energy transition is one of the defining challenges of our lifetime—and while many people feel passionately about the issues, few genuinely comprehend the numbers and constraints behind the energy competition. To address this problem, Close of Business Tuesday (C.O.B.T.) brings “Truth in Energy.” We invite industry leaders, innovators, investors, academics, regulators, and political leaders to join us for collegial, thoughtful and data-driven discussions about the future of energy. Featuring guests such as Dr. Dan Yergin, Congressman Bill Flores, Senator Dan Sullivan, Admiral Bill McRaven, Amy Myers Jaffe of TUFTS University, Dr. Naomi Boness

of Stanford University's Natural Gas Initiative, Ben Ratner of the Environmental Defense Fund, Journalist Brian Sullivan, Author Bjorn Lomberg, Steve Koonin, Michael Shellenberger and other thought leaders, Close of Business Tuesday hosts honest, timely conversations with people who understand the issues in energy today and bring an insightful, pragmatic approach to problem solving. We can’t solve the world’s energy issues alone. But together, we can talk about big problems and uncover insights that will point to a more sustainable energy future.

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November 3, 2020

Ep. 36 – Europe: Understanding What’s Happening “Over There”

Last week the markets were rocked by the news that Europe was going back into lockdown … at least in France, Germany and the UK. We got to thinking about the energy macro in Europe … not just because of the lockdowns, but also because of all the talk of the energy transition that comes…

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October 27, 2020

Ep. 35 – New Mexico

With all the talk of fracking and energy that showed up in the Presidential debate of late, we decided to try and do a show which was “on the ground” and “based in the reality” of today’s energy world. That was a tall order but we called on the TPH friend network and found people…

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October 20, 2020

Ep. 34 – Featuring Michael Cohen (BP)

Today’s show is brought to you live from the Ronnie K. Irani Center for Energy Solutions at the University of Oklahoma! This week we are thrilled to be joined by Michael Cohen, Chief US Economist and Head of Oil Analysis at BP. The discussion centered around Michael’s presentation, “Energy Outlook 2020 Edition.” As always, the…

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October 13, 2020

Ep. 33 – Trust, but Fortify

We say this often, but today was AWESOME! Last week set a new high bar with many of you as the feedback on Dr. Naomi Boness at Stanford was fantastic. We had our work cut out for us to keep it up this week! The great news is we were lucky enough to find four…

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October 6, 2020

Ep. 32 – Dr. Naomi Boness (Stanford Natural Gas Initiative)

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Naomi Boness, Managing Director of the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative. The Natural Gas Initiative (“NGI”) partners with research groups and industry partners to “generate the knowledge needed to use natural gas to its greatest social, economic, and environmental benefit.” We had a fantastic conversation about a broad…

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September 29, 2020

Ep. 31 – Featuring Bob McNally, Glenn Schwartz and Charlie Gerow

As we previewed in the midday note yesterday, COBT this week featured a robust conversation of the policies and the politics of energy. It was our way of preparing for last night’s first Presidential Debate. Our discussion covered a lot of ground and was particularly focused on the election’s implications for oil and gas. Thank…

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September 22, 2020

Ep. 30 – Featuring Mike Bengtson and Scott Gale

Today we focused the show on the front lines of emerging energy technology. We were thrilled to be joined by Scott Gale, Executive Director of Halliburton Labs. Halliburton recently launched Halliburton Labs to provide early stage companies resources to help advance efforts towards cleaner and more affordable energy. A blend of incubation and acceleration, Halliburton…

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September 15, 2020

Ep. 29 – Featuring Leslie Beyer

Today we have not one but two exciting things for you. First, we did our first “on the road” show, filming from Oceaneering’s ROV center North of Houston. Second, we had the real honor of hosting Leslie Beyer, the President of PESA. PESA… the Petroleum Equipment and Services Association, is a stunning organization. It does…

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September 8, 2020

Ep. 28 – Featuring Gauri Jauhar, Mohit Safar, Rajiv Gupta and David Blumental

Today on COBT we decided to tackle something that was way too big to handle… but we did it anyway. The topic was “India” and luckily we had some fantastic help in thinking through what’s playing out in what will soon be the world’s most populous country. Our esteemed panel of experts on “all things…

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