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“We Don’t Believe In Limiting Opportunity” Featuring Governor Mike Dunleavy

It is our honor to welcome back Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska for today’s session. We hosted the Governor on COBT in July of 2022 and had much to cover since our last visit.

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“Alaska Is The Best Kept Secret In The United States of America” Featuring Governor Mike Dunleavy

Today we had the honor of hosting Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska for an exciting and informational episode.

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“Weakness is Provocative” – Dan Sullivan

Today was another special day here as we had the pleasure of visiting with Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska. We first met Senator Sullivan when he was Alaska’s Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. He is now in his second Senate term and is especially focused on helping the people of his State, promoting global security, advancing coherent US energy policy, and as you will hear, developing a cohesive “American Energy, Jobs & Climate Plan.”

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Special Edition – Alaska Commissioners Corri Feige and Lucinda Mahoney Visit Texas!

At TPH we’ve always been huge fans of the State of Alaska and it’s energy industry. We, therefore, could not have been more honored to have Commissioner Corri Feige from the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and Commissioner Lucinda Mahoney from the State of Alaska Department of Revenue, live in the TPH studio…

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Ep. 6 – Featuring Senator Dan Sullivan and David Maravilla

We’re coming to you again with another “Close of Business Tuesday” on the heels of a historic few days for oil. This week, we had the privilege of talking with Senator Dan Sullivan from the great state of Alaska. Prior to his election to the U.S. Senate, Sen. Sullivan served as Commissioner of the Alaska Department of…

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