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“We Don’t Agree With The Idea That Scarcity Is The Solution To Climate” Featuring Armond Cohen, Clean Air Task Force

Today we had the opportunity to visit with Armond Cohen, Co-Founder and President of the Clean Air Task Force (CATF). Armond co-founded the CATF over 25 years ago with a mission to decarbonize global energy systems through modeling and systems analysis, technology innovation, and policy advocacy with a focus on diversification of energy sources.

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“The Best Source Is Meeting With Good Companies And Good People” Featuring Darren Peers, Capital Group

We had the pleasure today of hosting Darren Peers, Equity Investment Analyst at Capital Group.

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Ep. 94 – Featuring Amy Myers Jaffe

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Amy Myers Jaffe, Research Professor and Managing Director of the Climate Policy Lab at the Tufts University Fletcher School. Amy has taught energy policy, business, and sustainability courses at several distinguished universities and recently published “Energy’s Digital Future: Harnessing Innovation for American Resilience and National Security.” Our discussion…

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Ep. 93 – “From Russia with Slight Optimism”

We are in the middle of an eventful energy news week and are very excited to dig in with all of you for this week’s session. We are so pleased to welcome back our good friend Alexander Zaslavsky, Horizon Client Access, to share his expertise in Russian geopolitics and help us understand the current state…

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Ep. 83 – “We Do Not Have Enough Materials to Rapidly De-Carbonize the World” Featuring Brad Olsen

Today’s guest is not only a great friend but also a TPH alum! We were so pleased to visit with Brad Olsen, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of Recurrent Investment Advisors which focuses their funds on public investments in natural resources and energy infrastructure. Our discussion was fruitful and most importantly good fun! As you will…

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Ep. 70 – What If Putin Was Hit By A Bus: A Discussion with Dr. Angela Stent

A couple of weeks ago, President Biden met with Russian President Putin in Geneva for their first summit. To help us better understand where Russia has been and where it is going, we reached out to one of the world’s foremost Russia experts, Dr. Angela Stent. We were delighted when she agreed to visit with…

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