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“This Is The Lowest Hanging Fruit” Featuring Georges Tijbosch, MiQ

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Georges Tijbosch, CEO of MiQ in our office for a special edition COBT.

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“The Largest Green Initiative on the Planet” – A Discussion with Toby Rice

In addition to a jam-packed CERAWeek full of content, news flow and interesting perspectives, EQT, led by Toby Rice, released its impactful plan of “Unleashing US LNG – The Largest Green Initiative on the Planet.” This 56-page slide deck (linked below) outlines the ambition to quadruple US LNG capacity by 2030 (what it would take on the upstream, midstream and downstream side) and importantly the global environmental impact (reduces CO2 emission equal to that of electrifying every US passenger vehicle, powering every US home with rooftop solar and adding 54k industrial scales windmills).

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Ep. 93 – “From Russia with Slight Optimism”

We are in the middle of an eventful energy news week and are very excited to dig in with all of you for this week’s session. We are so pleased to welcome back our good friend Alexander Zaslavsky, Horizon Client Access, to share his expertise in Russian geopolitics and help us understand the current state…

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Ep. 91 – “A Basin to Remember – An Update on the San Juan” with Jerry McHugh

Today we had some great learning… or we should say “relearning.” We had a great visit with Jerry McHugh of “San Juan IQ” – a monthly webcast hosted by Jerry where everything that’s happening in the San Juan basin is discussed. Jerry is a long-time veteran of the basin and has been CEO of San…

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