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“Noise Around Clean Is Drowning The Development Agenda” Featuring Andrew Kamau, Energy Opportunity Lab

We had a fantastic Africa-focused session today with Andrew Kamau, Managing Director of International Programs at the Energy Opportunity Lab, an initiative of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP).

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“This Is An All Hands On Deck Situation” Featuring John Dowd, GoGreen Investments

We had the pleasure of hosting John Dowd, CEO of GoGreen Investments, in our offices. John has spent the past 30 years investing in and analyzing energy, most recently at Fidelity, and in 2021 raised over $275 million to create GoGreen Investments

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We had the pleasure of visiting with Ravi Sahu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Strayos. Strayos is an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform that maps underlying geologic and topographic conditions for mining operations, headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

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