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“America Is A Magnet For Bright People” Featuring Takajiro Ishikawa, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Takajiro Ishikawa in our office in Houston for a sweeping discussion of the technologies and broad topics influencing the future of energy.

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“If They Thought This Was Going To Be An Easy Conversation, They’re Wrong” Featuring Lucas Arangüena, Santander

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Lucas Arangüena, Global Head of Sustainable Tech and Group Head of Green Finance at Santander.

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“Alaska Is The Best Kept Secret In The United States of America” Featuring Governor Mike Dunleavy

Today we had the honor of hosting Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska for an exciting and informational episode.

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Ep. 90 – “There’s a right way and a wrong way to do Energy Transition”

Today we had a fascinating discussion with the management of California Resources Corporation (CRC) about their low carbon initiatives. President and CEO Mac McFarland and Executive Vice President and CFO Francisco Leon joined us for a walkthrough of their thinking, activities and plans in this super important area. Much like the Apache team joining us…

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Ep. 70 – What If Putin Was Hit By A Bus: A Discussion with Dr. Angela Stent

A couple of weeks ago, President Biden met with Russian President Putin in Geneva for their first summit. To help us better understand where Russia has been and where it is going, we reached out to one of the world’s foremost Russia experts, Dr. Angela Stent. We were delighted when she agreed to visit with…

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Special Edition – Weekend Forecast: Sunny with Fewer Oilfield Emissions

We have cooked up a special weekend edition for you… featuring two areas of focus for us this week at TPH. Hopefully wherever you are it will be nice this weekend and you’ll find our discussion the perfect companion for a walk or a run. Then again, what goes better with a glass of wine…

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