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“Venezuela: 100 Years After First Oil” Featuring Dr. Francisco Monaldi, Rice University’s Baker Institute

While we can’t believe that 2022 is coming to an end, we were thrilled to visit with Dr. Francisco Monaldi for 2022’s final COBT episode all about Venezuela and Latin America’s energy scene.

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Ep. 21 – Featuring Pedro Palma, David Voght and Luis Pacheco

Pedro Palma, Director at Ecoanalítica (joining from Caracas, Venezuela), David Voght, Managing Director and Founding Partner at IPD Latin America (joining from Madrid, Spain), and Luis Pacheco, Chairman of the PDVSA Ad-Hoc Board of Directors and Nonresident Fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute (joining from Bogota, Colombia) for a Venezuela panel. Joe Amador, Managing Director…

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