• “The Low Hanging Fruit Of Methane Emission Sources”

    Today we had the pleasure of visiting with Thomas Fox, President and Director of Innovation at Highwood Emissions Management.

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  • Dr. Sean Bushart, World Economic Forum

    Understanding the challenges around reducing emissions in industrial segments of our economy can often seem like the elephant in the room for energy transition discussions.

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  • Revisiting The Role of Oil & Gas in Energy Transition

    This week we provide a video update on our views on the appropriate role for oil & gas companies as it relates to so-called “energy transition.”

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One of the key underlying questions in all of our analysis is “what will the energy world look like in ten years?” We chose that timeframe as very meaningful change can happen in ten years, it’s a longer but still practical planning horizon, and it’s a short enough timeframe that planning must begin soon to accomplish the objectives. We also anticipate massive change in energy over the next decade but know as long-time energy people that technologies, policies, developments outside of energy, financing markets, geopolitics, and many other factors almost always intervene in ways that disrupt the conventional wisdom. We believe if we are continually analyzing the range of rolling ten-year scenarios, it will serve to make our own capital allocation, and that of our partners, much better. We are excited to visit with you about being our partner.

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