Veriten Welcomes Arjun Murti as Partner

Written by Veriten | March 3, 2023

Senior Advisor Arjun Murti Transitions to Leadership Role at Veriten

Veriten, a research, strategy and investing firm focused on the long-term challenges and opportunities in the energy sector, today announced that Arjun Murti, who has served as a Senior Advisor since August 2022, has been appointed as a Partner leading the firm’s Energy Macro and Policy efforts.

Maynard Holt, Veriten’s Founder and CEO, said, “We are thrilled Arjun has accepted this new leadership role. Our global Veriten community of COBT subscribers, leading energy companies, long term investors and overall energy enthusiasts share our excitement about his promotion to Partner. Arjun’s 30-year background in equity investing and research, and his passion for the energy future, fit perfectly with our business model. He will broaden our outbound reach, enhance our analytics, improve our energy policy and strategy advice, and sharpen our energy investment skills.”

Murti’s breadth of experience deepens Veriten’s ability to provide strategic views as an expert resource to the energy world. As a Partner, he will enhance Veriten’s ability to offer diverse perspectives, technical ability and analytical skills to help clients explore the challenges and opportunities of pursuing lower impact, high reliability, affordable energy solutions.

In his long and successful career as an equity analyst, Murti was most recently Co-Director of Goldman Sachs Research and personally led the firm’s global coverage of oil & gas, midstream and refining, as well as with clean and new energy technologies. His more recent experience as an independent director with a leading E&P organization, a private equity advisor and an advisory board member in the energy & climate policy space, broadens Veriten’s ability to address the complicated issues many energy companies face in navigating the evolving energy landscape.

Murti’s well-regarded Super-Spiked channel on Substack explores many of the complex issues surrounding the energy macro discussion, consistent with many of the themes Veriten covers. The Super-Spiked Substack channel will be an additional offering on the Veriten platform moving forward.

“Arjun is not just an accomplished energy thinker and leader, he has been a dear friend for 20 plus years and we are so pleased to have him join us full-time,” Holt added.