April 12, 2023

“The Challenge To This Clean Energy Transition Is Good Versus Good” Featuring Arshad Mansoor, EPRI

We had a fantastic session today with Arshad Mansoor, President and CEO of EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute). EPRI’s formation was initiated by Congress following the Great Northeastern Blackout of 1965 that left 30 million people in the US without electricity. Since then, the organization has served to support the electricity sector with research and development to drive technological innovations and ensure the public has access to clean, safe, and reliable electricity. While headquartered in the US, EPRI has a global presence, is in 40 countries, and has over 400 member companies. Arshad also has 1400 engineers and scientists on his team researching all aspects of electricity. Arshad first joined EPRI in 2006 and his passion for energy, electrification, electric vehicles and technology in general is undeniable. We were thrilled to visit with him for a power-focused and detailed discussion.

Arshad first provides background on EPRI’s history, their partnerships, and global presence. We then cover the importance of reliable electricity, how EPRI is adjusting their planning for reliability in the future and the scientific and technical approach that EPRI takes when evaluating power systems. We also discuss nuclear and the balance of increasing nuclear power while being mindful of budgets, EPRI’s support of both established and innovative nuclear technologies, and how the markets will ultimately pick the winners and losers of energy transition technologies. We then touch on carbon capture and storage’s role in the future, Arshad’s confidence that the US electric grid will support expanded electrification, and the goal to reduce energy-related costs for the average consumer in the US. Arshad also shares his perspective on how utilities view EVs, the "good versus good" involved in the energy transition, batteries and battery technology, the necessity of carbon capture in a net zero future, and more. We had a hard time ending the discussion and wrapped with the two areas Arshad feels need the most acceleration in the energy transition.

To start the show, Mike Bradley reviewed market activity and flagged that markets have been tame as they await this week’s important market-moving economic stats (CPI, PPI & Initial Jobless Claims). He noted market expectations for these stats, expectations for weekly total US inventories, and that EU storage levels are above seasonal averages which could take off pressure on EU natural gas prices. Mike ended with an update on the upcoming EPA gasoline emission rules and the potential implications of new stricter guidelines. Brett Rampal also joined today and peppered in his power perspective to the discussion.

Thanks to you all. We hope you enjoy!

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