August 9, 2023

“Where Is That On The Map?” An International E&P Discussion Featuring Bob Maguire and Parminder Singh, The Carlyle Group

Today we were delighted to host Bob Maguire, Managing Director and Co-Head of Carlyle International Energy Partners, along with Parminder Singh, Managing Director of International Energy, with The Carlyle Group at our office in Houston for a broad discussion on international energy investments. Bob is a seasoned international investor and has participated in global energy markets since 1986. Par brings prior experience in industrial sector investments and joined the Carlyle team in 2008. The Carlyle International Energy Group Fund is comprised of two funds which total approximately $5 billion of capital dedicated exclusively to international E&P. As we all ask ourselves where the world’s oil growth is going to come from, we were thrilled to visit with these two experts from the international arena.

Bob and Par first share their insights on Carlyle’s recent Neptune Energy deal (press release linked here) including background on the deal, motivations behind the sale, and the changing landscape of international energy investments. We discuss the potential for strategic buyers to enter the market, the importance of having a solid understanding of the markets and regions in which you invest, the advantages of having international experience and networks, and the value of operational expertise in maximizing investment returns. Bob and Par highlight how Carlyle’s approach to asset selection and team collaboration has shaped their success. We discuss the changing nature of oil and gas markets with a shift towards international opportunities and increased interest from European players, the importance of having a well-rounded and diverse portfolio to mitigate risk, and the influence of inflation in services. We also cover traditional acquisition and exploitation strategies in the energy sector, how private equity approaches can be very appealing, the potential for value creation through reducing carbon intensity, the concept of responsible ownership, European energy policy, the changing landscape of energy financing, international onshore opportunities, and more. We ended with asking Bob for his vision of the future energy landscape in ten years. It was our total pleasure to visit with Bob and Par and we want to thank them for stopping by.

Mike Bradley kicked us off with his insights on current market conditions, highlighting shifts in market sentiment from a demand problem to supply constraints. He mentions the impact of Chinese data on crude oil prices and flags upcoming CPI & PPI data releases. Mike also notes changes in the market’s behavior and highlights trends in crude oil pricing, production, and refining activity. Arjun Murti prepared us for the discussion with Bob and Par by highlighting the historical context of international energy investments and how it has evolved over the years, including a shift from a focus on US shale to increased interest in international opportunities and the challenges and opportunities associated with international investments.

We hope you enjoy the conversation with Bob and Par as much as we did. Our best to you all!

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