March 16, 2022

“Distinguishing a Value Trap from a Value Opportunity” Featuring Mark Viviano & Megan Hays, Kimmeridge Energy

We have a stellar dynamic duo for this week's session. Our good friends Mark Viviano, Head of Public Equities, and Megan Hays, Managing Director, with Kimmeridge Energy visited us for an engaging and insightful discussion. Mark's investing career has spanned over 17+ years in portfolio management and research analysis on companies in the energy sector, primarily focused on E&Ps and natural resources. Megan has 15+ years of experience in investor relations, strategic communications, M&A, capital markets and ESG. With such a deep wealth of knowledge and expertise, we had lots to cover.

As you will hear in the discussion, our topics ranged from background on Kimmeridge and their strategies and approach to the portfolio, what differentiates good and bad M&A, ESG, E&P performance in the next few years, the global oil and gas markets, and more. We also discussed some of Mark's white papers and touched on the overarching themes including resource transparency, executive compensation, and the potential for a carbon offset price to name a few.

Mike Bradley started us off with an overview of equity and commodity performance over the past week and his thoughts on traditional and clean energy current events. He also touched on key highlights from CERAWeek. Colin Fenton joined us from sunny California (where gas prices are currently nearing $6/gallon) with three items about perception including an update on the energy inverse bubble.

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