April 20, 2022

“Energy Pragmatism and Optimism in the Classroom” Featuring Dr. Steven Koonin and his NYU Students

We are always delighted to hear from young people in energy and today's COBT session was a fantastic experience. This week's primary speaker is a longstanding friend and former COBT guest, Dr. Steven Koonin. Dr. Koonin is a Professor at the Stern School of Business at NYU, Nonresident Senior Fellow at AEI and the Author of "Unsettled." Prior to joining NYU, he served as the Under Secretary for Science at the U.S. Department of Energy under the Obama Administration and was formerly the Chief Scientist at BP. Today we had the pleasure of joining not only Dr. Koonin, but also a few of his students (Matt Mayeski, Alice Nuz, and Beniamin Strzelecki) for an engaging discussion around energy, climate, and the future.

In our discussion with Dr. Koonin, we cover his course, the reception of "Unsettled" since its publication almost one year ago, and high-level takeaways from the IPCC's 2022 Report. Dr. Koonin's energy course is a "soup to nuts" analysis of the technology, economics, markets, regulation, public perception, and other forces shaping the future of energy. We discuss ideas, observations, and thoughts on solutions with his students and get their unique opinions on what the energy world may look like in ten years.

Mike Bradley started the show with a look at equity and commodity performance from the past week as well as an analysis on the US natural gas curve, the European natural gas curve, and the potential interactions of the coal and gas markets. Colin Fenton expanded on the IMF Global Financial Stability Report from April with a handful of key takeaway points.

Thank you to Dr. Koonin for arranging today's discussion at NYU and a special thank you to Matt, Alice, and Beniamin for joining the conversation! We hope you enjoy.

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