March 9, 2022

“Saying It’s Better Than Coal Isn’t Good Enough” – Arjun Murti

It's CERAWeek in Houston and we are thrilled to be back in person visiting with great minds in the energy universe. We have a special guest and good friend joining us for this week's session: Arjun Murti, Author of Super-Spiked, Board Member and PE Senior Advisor. Arjun is a seasoned energy expert and has spent his 30-year career researching and analyzing global energy markets. We had much to discuss!

First, we touched on Arjun's recent piece, "Energy Security and the Case for Canada." Arjun provided background on his inspiration to launch his platform, Super-Spiked, and what he is doing to help change the energy dialogue. From there, we segued into energy policies over the last 20 years, why we should be arguing for both energy security and climate, fuel economy and the concept of decoupling economic growth from oil and gas demand growth, the quest for the US and Canada to be the low-cost carbon provider to the world, and his 10-year outlook on energy. It was fascinating to note the many connections between our discussion and the sessions taking place at CERA.

Mike Bradley kicked off today's lead-in with an energy market performance update and key observations from CERAWeek. Colin Fenton shared reflections from his CERA panel that looked at the economic outlook for 2022-2023 and noted a few market numbers to keep an eye on. As you may remember, Colin previously made the connection between box office receipts and economic outlook and to our delight he has updated data from The Batman's recent release.

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