August 4, 2020

Ep. 23 – Featuring MacKenzie Davis

We had the great opportunity to visit with MacKenzie Davis, a Managing Partner at SailingStone. SailingStone is a well-known, highly regarded global natural resource investor based in San Francisco. The firm has recently completed some fascinating research on the changing energy world and that was the focus of our conversation.

MacKenzie walked us through a summarized version of SailingStone's whitepaper entitled "The Energy Transition: Outlook and Implications for Upstream Commodities." For a link to the complete report, please click here. Get ready... the energy transition discussion has more assumptions and variables in it than you can think through in one sitting. We loved our conversation with MacKenzie as his real world demeanor made it easy to pause, question and sometimes debate.

Matthew Murphy made his first COBT appearance to discuss the recent BP news on a new strategic course for that company. We also had Craig Webster, TPH's Head of ESG join. The regular cast of COBT, Mike Bradley, Colin Fenton, and Matt Portillo, also contributed to cover oil and crude prices, earnings season, and the future of electric vehicles. It was a content-packed day!

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