April 7, 2020

Ep. 5 – Featuring Alexander Zaslavsky and Dave Pursell

Welcome back to “Close of Business Tuesday." This week we were lucky to have TPH Alum Dave Pursell who is now the Executive Vice President of Development Planning, Reserves and Fundamentals at Apache Corp. and also one of the founding partners of Pickering Energy Partners and Tudor Pickering Holt. Joining him on the panel is Alexander Zaslavsky, Partner and Head of Research at Horizon Client Access who specializes in research and consulting on the political and commercial environment for oil and gas investment in hydrocarbon-rich countries. Alexander and his team at Horizon Client Access also manage a web site on the pandemic response by governments around the world which can be found here: https://contact.tphco.com/e/325171/2020-04-08/3874g/90126455?h=-wewa94N2hMAB4OlVGMBtQO6n0uJFZ_CCBs688eKTEQ.

As we have in prior weeks we have also included our TPH panel of experts: Mike Bradley from Equity Strategy, Colin Fenton from TPH Commodities and Matt Portillo, Co-Head of Research. We hope you enjoy this week’s video. Thanks for watching!

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