August 17, 2021

Ep. 77 – “There’s No Substitute for Shaking Someone’s Hand” Live from NAPE Summit

This is a stunningly big week for energy networking. In Denver, EnerCom is hosting The Oil and Gas Conference at the Westin and in Houston, the NAPE Summit is taking place at the George R. Brown Convention Center, and the Offshore Technology Conference is happening at NRG. Holding conferences the same week in Houston, NAPE and OTC have joined forces with their "Synergy in Energy" program which allows attendees to visit both conferences. We salute EnerCom, NAPE, and OTC for their efforts to help us all have a chance to shake hands again.

We took a trip to the NAPE exhibition hall to see the pregame action live and had the chance to visit with Aaron Vandeford, President of EnerCom as well as Jennifer Palladina Taylor, Business Development Manager at NAPE to hear all about these two flagship conferences. We covered a number of topics in our discussion starting with some history about the two conferences, the types of attendees and investors they are drawing and how that has changed, how their themes have morphed in the past few years, and overall how excited they are to be in person again. Thanks to Aaron and Jennifer for taking time out of their busiest week of the year to visit with us. We had a great conversation!

We started the session with the TPH team: Mike Bradley shared an update on the oil market, the Delta virus overhang, and current stock trading levels. Colin Fenton took us to the future with new fusion energy technology from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and also put the spotlight on two recent "letter writing campaigns" coming out of Washington DC.

It's a huge week for pressing ahead and also continuing to be careful. One of the great things you will hear in today's segment is that at NAPE they have set up a vaccination station sponsored by the good folks at Kroger.

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