September 28, 2021

Ep. 83 – “We Do Not Have Enough Materials to Rapidly De-Carbonize the World” Featuring Brad Olsen

Today's guest is not only a great friend but also a TPH alum! We were so pleased to visit with Brad Olsen, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of Recurrent Investment Advisors which focuses their funds on public investments in natural resources and energy infrastructure. Our discussion was fruitful and most importantly good fun! As you will hear, Brad has a lively mind and got us thinking!

After throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Brad during our introduction, he started by sharing some background on Recurrent Investment Advisors. Our discussion flowed from how they structure their benchmarks to their overall investment strategies, the paucity of third party capital for energy investments in the next 5 years, inflation, dynamics in energy public markets, and much much more. Brad was a wonderful guest and we look forward to hosting him again in the future. We didn't let him go today without extracting a promise to come back.

As mentioned, the TPH team kicked off with an action packed introduction: with Matt Portillo on the road, Mike Bradley passed along a few of his natural gas comments and took a look at world oil demand & supply, European commodity prices, and top energy headlines in the last 48 hours. Craig Webster joined to share key points from recent TPH ESG pieces, ESG's Stewardship Conflict and Costs Matter, Even for ESG. Last but not least, Colin Fenton looked at debt and currency trading around the world. The move to the safety of the dollar is seemingly on.

We know you will enjoy the conversation with Brad as much as we did! As always, thank you for your friendship. Happy listening and watching!

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