May 23, 2023

Mike Fowler, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America

Carbon capture technology continues to play a larger and larger part in the discussion around energy transition goals and commitments. Learning more about this growing market is always of interest to us as believers in evaluating as many solutions as possible to the energy transition discussion. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) and today’s guest, Mike Fowler, Vice President of Business Development for the Engineered System Division of MHIA, have been focused on this technology for years and it was fascinating to speak with Mike and hear his perspectives from the inside.

We began our conversation with Mike discussing the recent trends that have driven interest and changes in the carbon capture market as well as how government support mechanisms can influence the decisions being made around this technology. Mike then offered some perspectives of where the space may go from here and how MHIA aims to support the changing industry dynamics. We also touched on investment drivers as well as the interest needed for future market participants to engage before closing out our discussion with the challenges surrounding widespread adoption. We very much enjoyed this conversation, learned quite a bit, and hope you will find it insightful as well!

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May 9, 2023

Dr. Richard Pearson, Kyoto Fusioneering

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