June 1, 2022

“In 10 Years We Could See A More Balanced Knowledge Base” Featuring Dr. Scott Tinker, Switch Energy Alliance

Today we had the pleasure of hosting our good friend Dr. Scott Tinker, Chairman of Switch Energy Alliance and the Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas at Austin. Scott's work is focused on addressing major societal challenges in energy, the environment, and the economy. He has co-produced two documentary films exploring energy across the developing world, " Switch" and its sequel " Switch On." It is always fantastic to visit with Scott and we appreciate his friendship and his never-ending push for the concept of the "radical middle" to create a new, better, and more thoughtful energy debate.

In our discussion, we ask Scott for his thoughts on the current energy debate and political environment, his work with students and young professionals, the importance of getting more people out of poverty, energy density, China's and India's growth plans and potential environmental impact, and more. Scott also provides interesting takeaways from a recent and unique conference he co-hosted focusing on the dual challenge of climate and energy. We also discussed Scott's upcoming PBS series called "The Energy Switch," releasing this June. In the series, Scott moderates as leading professionals on both sides of the issues debate the key variables and decision points of our energy future.

As you all know, we frequently ask our guests, "What Does The Energy World Look Like In Ten Years?" As you will hear in today's video, Scott forecasted that in ten years, we'll have a "more balanced knowledge base" from which we can make great decisions for our energy future. It was a really interesting answer to the question we are always asking. We had a fantastic discussion with Scott and enjoyed his common-sense, practical, and global perspective.

Mike Bradley kicked off the show with an update on energy market performance and weekly energy headlines, warning for a potential summer of pain with nations potentially hoarding supplies and restricting exports. Colin Fenton shared a few thoughts on the new economic environment and reiterated Mike's point that we could experience a challenging summer.

As always, thank you for your friendship and support! One request of all of you… if you have a minute, watch Scott Tinker's most recent TED Talk, "The Dual Challenge: Energy and Environment". He's getting lots of views and we want to encourage you to view it and share it with others in your network as well.

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March 9, 2022

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