December 17, 2020

Special Edition – The Front Lines of the Energy Debate

Last week, an oilfield services company tried to buy logo apparel for all its employees. This was to be a holiday gift after a traumatic year. But the apparel’s manufacturer refused the order. We are told the apparel company did not want to “co-brand” with an oil and gas firm despite the fact most, if not all, of its own products are produced from hydrocarbon feedstocks sourced from the oil and gas industry.

Similar incidents are becoming all too frequent. They reveal how far our society has drifted away from a thoughtful and honest discussion about energy, the environment, and the economy. I think Scott Tinker refers to that intersection as the 3E’s.

In this instance, the ‘offending’ company is Innovex. We were lucky to have its CEO, Adam Anderson, join us to talk about his experience. He explains why he decided to share his story through social media, where it received far more attention than he anticipated!

The world seems to have a very straightforward choice to make: acknowledge the full scope of the benefits hydrocarbons provide to all our lives and include oil and gas in the planning and process of making the world a better place, or exclude the industry, continue to perpetuate the myth it alone is to blame for the world’s environmental challenges, and learn the hard way what its absence would truly cost. This was a fun and different interview, and we are so thankful Adam joined us.

At COBT, we are resolved to help the public better understand the opportunities and choices that interlink us so that we can all make more informed decisions on how to support each other with respect and gratitude.

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