May 6, 2023

Transitioning The Transition To a Rest of World Focus

This week we provide a video update on our view about the need for “energy transition” as a concept to itself transition to one that is focused on meeting the energy supply needs of the 7 billion people that live outside of the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

We discuss our ongoing concerns about risks to financing needed energy supply, which is now materializing in Africa. We highlight that energy transition will likely be approached by countries as meeting a hierarchy of needs, with availability coming first followed by affordability followed by geopolitical security followed by environmental and climate considerations. With that said, an analysis of commodity supply/demand indicates there is a role for both efficiency and new technologies to play in areas that lack sufficient oil, natural gas, or coal supplies.

⚖️ Disclaimer

I certify that these are my personal, strongly held views at the time of this post. My views are my own and not attributable to any affiliation, past or present. This is not an investment newsletter and there is no financial advice explicitly or implicitly provided here. My views can and will change in the future as warranted by updated analyses and developments. Some of my comments are made in jest for entertainment purposes; I sincerely mean no offense to anyone that takes issue.

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