December 7, 2022

“Things Are Getting Better, A Lot Better” Featuring Rich Powell, ClearPath

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Rich Powell in the studio. Rich Powell is the CEO of ClearPath, a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington dedicated to developing and advancing smart energy policies. We are always eager to connect with pragmatic, balanced, solutions-oriented people and were delighted to visit with Rich.

Rich first helps frame our discussion with background on ClearPath's mission and focus areas, their pulse on the developing world's access to energy and how much development there is left to do to, Rich's observations on the evolution of the climate debate since ClearPath was founded eight years ago, the promising future for nuclear energy with bipartisan support, ClearPath's involvement with the Energy Act of 2020, the process for permitting clean energy projects and how pipelines are fundamental, the footprint of prime energy demand, additional opportunities for bipartisan energy policies, the centrist community in Washington, Rich's observations on young people's energy opinions, his takeaways from attending COP 27, decarbonization priorities, the goal to find new technologies that wouldn't need to be subsidized or mandated, and more. We had a hard time ending the discussion and can't thank Rich enough for joining.

Mike Bradley hit on three key points for the week including this past weekend's OPEC meeting, the EU's sanctions package starting on December 5th, and potential market reactions to new US PPI data, scheduled for release on Friday. Colin Fenton shared an update on U.S. shale output in the context of overall U.S. liquids and gas production growth.

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did! Thanks to you all.

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