April 6, 2022

“This Isn’t A Digital Problem, It’s An Analog One” Featuring Ryan Panchadsaram, Kleiner Perkins

Today’s discussion with Ryan Panchadsaram (senior technical advisor to John Doerr, Chair of Kleiner Perkins) explored a range of topics spanning from VC investing, the tech VC world partnering with the existing energy community to achieve scaled energy solutions, and the climate action plan that was the focus of "Speed and Scale" (which Ryan co-authored). Ryan's technical background and his perspective expressed in the book hit a number of themes that resonate with us – including the topic of a “green” premium and those solutions needing a path to compete on a cost basis, how difficult scaled solutions are to achieve, the innovation opportunities availed by the energy transition movement, and the need for collaboration to arrive at impactful energy market solutions. We have a hope of building more bridges between the tech community and energy industry and were excited to converse with this powerful Silicon Valley investor. Thanks for joining, Ryan!

Mike Bradley kicked us off with observations on both energy equity prices and domestic natural gas prices followed by views on the announced SPR release and potential re-fill (or not) of the inventories. Colin Fenton opened our horizons to the volatility and price action in a number of non-oil and gas commodity markets and drives home the point that extreme price movements are not just captive to our energy markets.

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March 30, 2022

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Today we took on the challenge of unpacking the SEC's proposed climate disclosure rules and their potential implications. To help us do so, we had a panel of experienced leaders in the space join for a lively discussion that we hope will provide clarity and understanding.

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