August 3, 2022

“Too Much Of Education Has Been Dominated By The Problem And Not Problem Solving” Featuring Dr. David Victor, UCSD

We had the good fortune of visiting with Dr. David Victor today for an engaging discussion on climate, policy, and in particular, problem-solving structures that feature "experimentalist governance." Dr. Victor is a Professor of Innovation and Public Policy at UC San Diego and Co-Director of the UC San Diego Deep Decarbonization Initiative. He has published over 200 articles and books on climate change and the "transition from a high emissions energy world to a low emissions energy world." Today is the release date of his latest book which he Co-Authored with Charles Sabel, "Fixing the Climate: Strategies for an Uncertain World." We thoroughly enjoyed the discussion, Dr. Victor's pragmaticism, as well as his upbeat demeanor.

Fixing the Climate explains why effective climate policy requires government and business collaboration and an emphasis on experimentalism. The book features examples of successful environmental policy, with a particularly deep and illuminating dive into the Montreal Protocol, the world's successful answer to attacking the CFC/ozone problems. In our conversation, we look at the balance and symbiosis between vision and leadership at the Federal level and problem solving in local communities, the key factors Dr. Victor thinks will determine natural gas's future, how to improve education, the need for more focus on climate impact, as well as a range of other issues. As you will hear, Dr. Victor is spending more and more time with energy and other industries, learning and helping from the inside out how incumbent players can meaningfully and profitably contribute to the way forward.

To kick off the show, Mike Bradley highlighted his two key focus items for the week including his expectations for the OPEC+ meeting this Wednesday as well as for more energy earnings. Colin Fenton commented on recovering markets, and some recent potentially positive policy moves, but cautioned there are considerable challenges in front of us, just one example of which is the agitated swirl around Speaker Pelosi's trip to Taiwan.

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