June 7, 2022

“We Need A Statue of Responsibility On The West Coast” Featuring Michael Shellenberger

We're starting the week with a Special Edition COBT with a great friend of the firm, independent energy and climate thinker, and former COBT guest, Michael Shellenberger. Michael is the Founder & President of Environmental Progress, Author of " Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All" and most recently " San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities." He is currently running for Governor of California as an Independent and is passionate about the future of his home state. Should he be elected, he intends to push the state back to a pro-growth, pro-civilization agenda. We were excited to dig into his campaign, life on the ground in California, and of course his proposed policy changes.

Our discussion was timely as California's primary election for Governor is taking place today, Tuesday, June 7th. In our discussion with Michael, we discuss his journey to running for office and identifying as an independent, his passionate voter base, the homeless, public drug use, growing security problems, the mental health crisis, the nation's highest gasoline costs, the "Curley Effect," and his plan for California to rebuild communities with both compassion and accountability. We also touch on Michael's energy views including the importance of energy abundance, desalination plants, water storage plants, and nuclear energy for the state. We're rooting for Michael in this election and hope that his pro-growth and pro-civilization message will resonate with California's constituents.

The Veriten team quickly hit a few key points to start the show: Mike Bradley shared the equation for this year's hot and difficult summer and passed it to Colin Fenton who noted the other historical anniversary of June 6th besides D-Day and built on Mike's comments with a note to keep an eye on SP-15 power prices.

It was a great opportunity to visit with Michael on the eve of the election and we can't thank him enough for sharing his time. As always, we hope you enjoy!

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