January 18, 2023

“Do More Good In More Places” Featuring Dr. Holly Bamford, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

We are beyond excited to share this week's COBT as we had the opportunity to visit with the team at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF). Joining us for the session are Dr. Holly Bamford, Chief Conservation Officer, Dr. John Lamoreux, Director, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, and Kristen Byler, Senior Scientist, Marine Conservation. Since its inception in 1984, NFWF has collaborated with federal, corporate and individual partners to put over $7 billion to work with conservation projects across all 50 US states and US territories. We were delighted to visit with the team and talk about NFWF's mission to build partnerships and drive conservation efforts for current and future generations.

To help orient the conversation, Dr. Bamford first shared background on the organization, it's fascinating history, and mission. From there, we discuss how the organization's partners are involved with each project and respective community, the diversity of their partnerships and projects and focus on "Getting Stuff Done," the link between nature and the energy sector including specific projects NFWF is working on with the energy industry, NFWF's involvement with carbon sequestration and associated challenges, the need for national standardization for carbon sequestration, three ways to invest in nature to sequester carbon, how individuals can get involved with NFWF, and much more. We had a hard time ending the discussion but wrapped with where Dr. Bamford, Dr. Lamoreux and Kristen see NFWF ten years from now. It was a great discussion and we are inspired by their eager spirit to "Do More Good In More Places."

Mike Bradley kicked us off with a quick market update from the past week, flagging the possibility that natural gas companies may pull back on rig count and flagged a few upcoming events including PPI reporting, the World Economic Forum in Davos taking place this week, Chinese market activity, and the beginning of oilfield services Q4 results, with SLB first out of the chute. Jeff Tillery also joined for today's discussion as well as Nick Lance, Veriten's Nature-Based Solutions Project Lead.

We look forward to following NFWF's projects and progress over the coming years! Thanks to you all. Let's keep 2023 rolling!

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