October 27, 2020

Ep. 35 – New Mexico

With all the talk of fracking and energy that showed up in the Presidential debate of late, we decided to try and do a show which was "on the ground" and "based in the reality" of today's energy world.

That was a tall order but we called on the TPH friend network and found people "that know." We thought New Mexico - as the third largest oil producing state but also one with lots of federal acreage - was the right place to sort this out this week. As you will see, we had two Mayors, one County Manager, and the Minority Leader of the State House all join us. This was not about Republicans and Democrats. It was about jobs and economic development.

We assembled an all-star discussion group:

Mayor Sam Cobb, Mayor of Hobbs, New Mexico
Allen Davis, Eddy County Manager
Mayor Dale Janway, Mayor of Carlsbad, New Mexico
Representative Jim Townsend, New Mexico State District 54

We had a lotta fun and learned a lot talking to these grisly New Mexico veterans. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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