June 22, 2021

Ep. 69 – Live from Greentown Labs Houston with Emily Reichert

One year ago, Greentown Labs announced they were expanding to Houston to open their second incubator. Today, we were thrilled to visit their new space in Midtown and host this week's session live with Emily Reichert, Chief Executive Officer. Their team has made tremendous progress over the past year and we are so pleased to welcome them to Houston and the energy community.

Founded in Cambridge, MA, Greentown Labs is the largest climatetech incubator in North America. Their mission is to help early stage companies get started by providing the expertise, resources and support they need. Today, Greentown Labs supports over 180 climatetech startups, 40 of those in Houston. In today's discussion, you will hear Emily explain why "climatetech" is the name Greentown prefers.

The team and I greatly enjoyed visiting with Emily to hear all about Greentown's expansion, the factors that they used to select Houston, the future of new energy technologies, how America is well suited to be a leader in the space, and much more. Emily also took us through the incubation process at Greentown and how their alumni continue to be involved post-launch. It was a shame we had to end the discussion as we had plenty more questions and topics to discuss. We hope you enjoy as much as we did... Emily was a wonderful and engaging guest.

Our TPH expert crew provided today's introduction: Mike Bradley offered some oil and market outlook and analysis and also touched on considerations around inventory for the next few weeks. Matt Portillo shared TPH Research's piece on shared private operator activity in the US and also some reflections on recent investor visits. The ever-entertaining Colin Fenton wrapped up with data around $100 calls on WTI. The stats will blow you away.

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