October 5, 2021

Ep. 84 – “Our Energy World” Featuring Jamey Rosenfield & Dr. Atul Arya

Today we had the pleasure of hosting two dear and longstanding friends from IHS Markit: Jamey Rosenfield, Senior Vice President and co-founder of CERA along with Dan Yergin, and Dr. Atul Arya, SVP and Chief Energy Strategist. As always happens when we visit with these renowned energy experts, we had a fun and broad conversation across the core topics of the day and really enjoyed our time together!

Jamey and Atul remind us that CERAWeek's India Energy Forum is taking place in New Delhi in just over two weeks. Atul shared key themes including low carbon technologies and innovation, energy competition and business models, new sources of energy, and Indian energy sector growth. Perhaps his most pressing insight is the reminder that energy tech is hardware not software, with all the implications for pace, timing, and prices that fact carries.

Looking ahead to CERAWeek Houston 2022, Jamey confirmed this industry marquee event fill finally once again be in person, much to the relief of us all in TPH Nation. Jamey also scattered a few bread crumbs about what we may see at the conference, including a Net Zero Village that will present in sharp relief what the cloudy concept of 'net-zero' might mean in real-world-cost-benefit terms. With so much to discuss in the current mix of markets, economics, and geopolitics, we quickly found ourselves in an all-energy discussion about coal, nuclear power, the capital and innovation needed to drive the energy transition(s), setting near-term targets for emissions goals, the importance of reliable and affordable energy, and much more. With all this talk about the fascinating things going on in energy and the world broadly, an immediate visit to India might be in order!

The TPH crew ran through a few items to start: our energy strategist Mike Bradley looked at the 10-year history of the commodity spot price index vs. the 10-year government bond yield, European commodity prices over the last month, and recent energy headlines to share his normal assortment of valuable insights. Colin Fenton walked us through global natural gas prices and the European fundamental economics driving them to explain why natural gas prices are already making new all-time highs and to remind us why policy decisions have consequences.

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