November 9, 2021

Ep. 89 – Live from TPH’s D5 Momentum Conference with Everett Redmond and Matthew Crozat

As you may know, yesterday we hosted our 5th Annual Disruption Conference [D5: Momentum] in Denver. With an audience of over 365 registrants, we had the great opportunity to host the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). Representing the NEI today are Everett Redmond, Ph.D. (Sr. Technical Advisor, New Reactor & Advanced Technology) and Matthew Crozat (Senior Director, Strategy and Policy Development).

Everett and Matthew walked us through a presentation outlining the NEI, their mission to promote the use and growth of nuclear energy through efficient operations and effective policy, how nuclear fits in the carbon free discussion, their technology members, future projects, and much more. You can find their presentation linked here. We had a great time, learned a lot, and can't thank Everett and Matthew enough for joining! It will be exciting to watch NEI's and the industry’s development over the next decade. We at TPH/COBT are pretty bullish on nuclear being a bigger part of the energy and climate solution.

Our TPH team hit a few topics to kick off the session: Mike Bradley touched on crude oil and the potential SPR release, Matt Portillo discussed auto sector updates, noting the Rivian IPO, and Colin Fenton set the stage for our discussion with NEI. Craig Webster joins live from Denver and adds his observations from the conference.

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