August 12, 2021

Special Edition – featuring Tracee Bentley with the Permian Strategic Partnership – “Let’s Go On Offense”

When we heard about all of the great things the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) is doing for the Permian Basin, we knew we had to visit with them and also knew that all of you would love to hear more about their mission. We had the special opportunity to host Tracee Bentley, President and CEO, to discuss their annual report published just last week.

Formed in January 2019, the PSP is a coalition of 17 leading Permian Basin energy companies who joined together to tackle some of the area's largest challenges including education, healthcare, infrastructure, workforce, and housing. Their member's grit, determination and can-do attitude have made lasting impact over the last 2.5 years and show the power of putting great minds together. We can't say enough great things about the PSP's contribution to the Permian and beyond!

Tracee walked us through PSP's history as well as their recent report. It was encouraging to hear their success and we had a wonderful discussion. Thank you to Tracee and all of the members at PSP making a difference for the community!

Our TPH team hit a few topics to kick off the session: Matt Portillo emerged from the earnings cloud to share his key takeaways from a TPH Research private investor conference hosted on Wednesday of last week. Craig Webster prepared us for the discussion with Tracee with a reminder of the importance of sustainability and how the PSP embodies the definition.

We hope this provided some good news for your Monday morning! Thanks to all of you from all of us at TPH.

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