October 24, 2021

Special Edition – from India: “Let’s Get Real” and “Energy is Good”

This week we hit the road and spent three days in New Delhi, India. Why? Well, the first answer is CERA was holding their 5th Annual "India Energy Forum" and were nice enough to invite us. But the second answer is we have been very curious for some time now to witness first-hand how the outlook for energy looks from the developing world. From a distance, India seemed like the "capital of the energy transition" where all of the issues converge. After not quite a week here, that suspicion has been more than confirmed. It's a fabulous and exciting place and we can't thank the CERA team enough for hosting us.

As you will discover in the video, we got a chance to sit down with Gauri Jauhar, Executive Director, Energy Transition & Cleantech Consulting at IHS Markit. Along with Dan Yergin, Jamey Rosenfield, and Atul Arya, she is one of the key organizers and moderators of the conference. A native of New Delhi and a 23-year IHS team member, there is very little about India's position in energy and technology and the environment that she doesn't know. We covered a range of topics with her to give you a sense of what's happening here on the ground.

This week was refreshing and stimulating... and more than anything, a reminder of how much "good" energy brings to people's lives.

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