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“Disasters Happen As A Result Of Tiny Decisions” Featuring Katherine Blunt, Reporter and Author of “California Burning”

we had the pleasure of hosting Katherine Blunt, Renewables and Utilities Reporter for The Wall Street Journal and Author of “California Burning: The Fall of Pacific Gas and Electric and What it Means for America’s Power Grid”

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“We Need A Statue of Responsibility On The West Coast” Featuring Michael Shellenberger

We’re starting the week with a Special Edition COBT with a great friend of the firm, independent energy and climate thinker, and former COBT guest, Michael Shellenberger.

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“90% Of This Issue Is About Philosophy” Featuring Alex Epstein, Author

We are excited to share a Special Edition COBT with you today! We had the opportunity to visit with former guest Alex Epstein, Author of ” The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” and Founder of the Center for Industrial Progress.

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“This Isn’t A Digital Problem, It’s An Analog One” Featuring Ryan Panchadsaram, Kleiner Perkins

Today’s discussion with Ryan Panchadsaram (senior technical advisor to John Doerr, Chair of Kleiner Perkins) explored a range of topics spanning from VC investing, the tech VC world partnering with the existing energy community to achieve scaled energy solutions, and the climate action plan that was the focus of “Speed and Scale” (which Ryan co-authored).

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