April 26, 2023

“Noise Around Clean Is Drowning The Development Agenda” Featuring Andrew Kamau, Energy Opportunity Lab

We had a fantastic Africa-focused session today with Andrew Kamau, Managing Director of International Programs at the Energy Opportunity Lab, an initiative of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP). Prior to joining the Energy Opportunity Lab, Andrew was the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Mining with the Government of Kenya and former Principal Secretary in the State Department of Petroleum with the Government of Kenya. He has over thirty years of experience in the energy, oil and gas, and mining sectors and is working to identify ideas and projects to empower people and communities with accessible energy solutions. Andrew joined us from Nairobi and is incredibly knowledgeable of the challenges and opportunities for increasing access to energy in Africa and developing countries.

We covered a lot of territory in our conversation starting with the current priorities of the Energy Opportunity Lab and what Andrew describes as a "leapfrog issue" with those who would like to see Africa skip fossil fuels and jump to renewables. We also discuss new LPG technologies that allow customers to pay as they go, how the US can get more involved with LPG projects in Africa, and the large amount of geothermal power in Kenya. Andrew flags that the competition between the US and Europe to advance renewable technologies is welcomed as it will ultimately help get those technologies to the rest of the world at a lower price. Andrew also shares his perspective on the sources of capital that may invest in developing Africa and the potential strings attached, the steps Andrew would take to unlock more economic development, and the realities behind mining in Africa. We then touch on the work the Energy Opportunity Lab is doing to develop investable projects and the initial funding needed to move an idea from "concept" to "bankable."

We are always particularly thankful for conversations focused on developing world energy needs. We learn a lot and we always refocus on the priority of eliminating poverty. Andrew’s answer to what the energy world looks like in ten years is particularly good. It was our absolute pleasure to host him and we are thankful for his time.

Mike Bradley kicked us off by indicating that markets had been laser-focused on an end to FED interest rate hikes and perceived US banking "stability" post the Silicon Valley Bank Rescue but now have quickly shifted towards Q1 results and 2023 earnings revisions which could be headed lower. He highlighted several observations from this week, previewed some to expect next week, and wrapped by observing that this will be an extremely heavy week for energy sector Q1 results (dominated by natural gas E&Ps, offshore & onshore oil service companies and European & US Oil Majors). Jeff Tillery flagged an uptick in interest around turning deepwater back on.

As always, thanks to you all for your support and friendship!

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