October 29, 2021

Special Edition – Alaska Commissioners Corri Feige and Lucinda Mahoney Visit Texas!

At TPH we've always been huge fans of the State of Alaska and it's energy industry. We, therefore, could not have been more honored to have Commissioner Corri Feige from the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and Commissioner Lucinda Mahoney from the State of Alaska Department of Revenue, live in the TPH studio for a for a special Thursday edition of COBT to discuss the future of the state's O&G industry.

The Commissioners are on what might be described as a listening tour of the financial industry to better understand the ESG pressures that are discouraging investment in arctic regions. They discussed the enormous benefits that the energy industry provides for the people of Alaska and how damaging the curtailment of investment capital can be to these communities.

They will be hosting an event in the Spring where both the financial and O&G industries will be invited to visit Alaska to learn more about the state's approach to responsible development of the their resources and the wide array of opportunities available in O&G and beyond. As Commissioners Feige and Mahoney highlight in our discussion, natural resources have always been a major part of Alaska's DNA. This isn't going to change, but with a little bit of education, they will hopefully provide the perspective needed for banks and others to more appropriately assess the many benefits of doing business in Alaska.

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