July 22, 2022

“The Best Source Is Meeting With Good Companies And Good People” Featuring Darren Peers, Capital Group

We have an exciting Special Edition episode to wrap up the week! We had the pleasure today of hosting Darren Peers, Equity Investment Analyst at Capital Group. Darren has 25 years of investing experience, the recent 8 plus with Capital and prior to that NWQ and Putnam. He is a great friend and we very much respect his highly analytical mind and overall approach to investing. It was fantastic to visit with him and get his perspective on issues we are all thinking about in today's volatile market.

Darren first helped frame our discussion with background on Capital Group, their mission, approach to investing, structure, culture, and reward structure. We then jumped into an array of topics including the increased interest in investing in oil & gas, the top factors Darren evaluates when making investments, industrial activity in Europe and the implications of Europe's energy problems, US E&Ps, the future of diesel, a carbon tax, takeaways from his recent meetings at the Calgary Stampede, the green complex, volatility in the oil & gas sector over the next few years, and more. We wrapped with Darren's outlook for the next ten years. As always, Darren's responses were extremely thoughtful and very much worth a listen.

The Veriten team hit a few items before our main discussion with Darren: Mike Bradley highlighted a noteworthy indicator from AT&T and Colin Fenton expanded on jobless claims and noted price sensitivity with gasoline demand, the ECB's 50-point basis hike, and upcoming potential demand issues for Europe.

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did! Thanks to you all.

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March 2, 2022

“If You Follow Fashion, You’ll Get Fleeced” – Martin Lovegrove

We are thrilled to have Martin Lovegrove, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Kirk Lovegrove & Company join us today. Martin has a wealth of knowledge and experience around strategic advisory, acquisitions, and divestitures with 50 years in the global oil and gas business. In his career, he has advised 120+ clients on over 500 mandates and has developed four independent successful advisory companies along the way. It was wonderful to visit with Martin and get his perspective on all the issues swirling around in today's world. Undeniably, a great deal has happened since last week's episode with Dr. Angela Stent and Dr. Dan Yergin. As we all watch the harrowing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine develop, we wanted to provide a list of organizations that are offering relief support to the country including a few charities specifically focused on children.

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