September 14, 2022

“We Don’t Agree With The Idea That Scarcity Is The Solution To Climate” Featuring Armond Cohen, Clean Air Task Force

Today we had the opportunity to visit with Armond Cohen, Co-Founder and President of the Clean Air Task Force (CATF). Armond co-founded the CATF over 25 years ago with a mission to decarbonize global energy systems through modeling and systems analysis, technology innovation, and policy advocacy with a focus on diversification of energy sources. For today's session, Armond joined us from London and first shared a few timely thoughts on the energy supply volatility in Europe and the value of diversification of supply.

In our discussion, we cover background on the CATF and the organization's evolution, the organization's current focus on advanced renewables, nuclear, and pioneering interest in carbon capture technology, perceptions of the fossil fuel industry and its place in the future, the public's involvement in the climate discussion, the cost/benefit analysis of renewables, the challenges for technologies to make an impact in areas with limited access to energy, and more. We greatly enjoyed the conversation and appreciate Armond's optimistic and pragmatic outlook.

Mike Bradley kicked us off with an overview of commodity and equity market volatility and a few notable factors including the proposed EU plan to cap generation revenues and introduce mandatory energy consumption cuts and the US national rail workers strike threat to supply chains. Colin Fenton reiterated the importance of the recent US CPI index report and the powerful inflationary forces at play. Brett Rampal also chimed in to help frame the nuclear power discussion.

Our best to you all! We hope you enjoy.

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