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“You Can’t Have 100% Renewables” Featuring George Bilicic, Lazard

Today we had the exciting opportunity to host George Bilicic, Vice Chairman and Global Head of Power, Energy and Infrastructure at Lazard.

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“Disasters Happen As A Result Of Tiny Decisions” Featuring Katherine Blunt, Reporter and Author of “California Burning”

we had the pleasure of hosting Katherine Blunt, Renewables and Utilities Reporter for The Wall Street Journal and Author of “California Burning: The Fall of Pacific Gas and Electric and What it Means for America’s Power Grid”

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Ep. 91 – “A Basin to Remember – An Update on the San Juan” with Jerry McHugh

Today we had some great learning… or we should say “relearning.” We had a great visit with Jerry McHugh of “San Juan IQ” – a monthly webcast hosted by Jerry where everything that’s happening in the San Juan basin is discussed. Jerry is a long-time veteran of the basin and has been CEO of San…

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Ep. 36 – Europe: Understanding What’s Happening “Over There”

Last week the markets were rocked by the news that Europe was going back into lockdown … at least in France, Germany and the UK. We got to thinking about the energy macro in Europe … not just because of the lockdowns, but also because of all the talk of the energy transition that comes…

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Ep. 33 – Trust, but Fortify

We say this often, but today was AWESOME! Last week set a new high bar with many of you as the feedback on Dr. Naomi Boness at Stanford was fantastic. We had our work cut out for us to keep it up this week! The great news is we were lucky enough to find four…

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Ep. 28 – Featuring Gauri Jauhar, Mohit Safar, Rajiv Gupta and David Blumental

Today on COBT we decided to tackle something that was way too big to handle… but we did it anyway. The topic was “India” and luckily we had some fantastic help in thinking through what’s playing out in what will soon be the world’s most populous country. Our esteemed panel of experts on “all things…

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