March 18, 2023

Super-Spiked Videopods (EP22): Risk Taking in the Age of Transition-Driven Austerity

This week’s Super-Spiked video podcast is a discussion on risk taking and future capital availability for traditional energy companies of all shapes and sizes. If you are a public company, we appreciate that it is really difficult to buck the austerity demanded by shareholders. However, an inherently Super Vol macro backdrop and that very hesitancy toward new capital formation in the sector will undoubtedly lead to interesting risk / reward investment opportunities that some will look to capitalize on. Companies that look best positioned today to take advantage of potential opportunities include those that are privately-owned, though not necessarily private equity backed, as well as national oil companies (NOCs).

Finally, we discuss our view that EU climate & energy policies as well as the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) is likely to put downward pressure on capital availability for traditional energy. In my view, no company in any region is immune from these pressures and understanding the direct or trickle down effects to your bank and insurance group is critical.

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March 9, 2022

“Saying It’s Better Than Coal Isn’t Good Enough” – Arjun Murti

It's CERAWeek in Houston and we are thrilled to be back in person visiting with great minds in the energy universe. We have a special guest and good friend joining us for this week's session: Arjun Murti, Author of Super-Spiked, Board Member and PE Senior Advisor. Arjun is a seasoned energy expert and has spent his 30-year career researching and analyzing global energy markets. We had much to discuss!

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