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“We Haven’t Seen This Before Because We Haven’t Needed To” Featuring Danny Rice, NET Power

Happy 2023 to you all! Welcome to the first COBT of the year featuring Danny Rice, incoming CEO of NET Power. Danny has a remarkable perspective from which he could discuss many of the issues and opportunities in today’s energy world.

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“Too Much Of Education Has Been Dominated By The Problem And Not Problem Solving” Featuring Dr. David Victor, UCSD

We had the good fortune of visiting with Dr. David Victor today for an engaging discussion on climate, policy, and in particular, problem-solving structures that feature “experimentalist governance.”

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“Reliability Is Not A Given” Featuring Meredith Angwin, Energy Analyst & Author

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Meredith Angwin, Energy Analyst and Author of “Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy” and most recently “Shorting the Grid: The Hidden Fragility of Our Electric Grid.”

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“In 10 Years We Could See A More Balanced Knowledge Base” Featuring Dr. Scott Tinker, Switch Energy Alliance

Today we had the pleasure of hosting our good friend Dr. Scott Tinker, Chairman of Switch Energy Alliance and the Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas at Austin.

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“This Is An Environmentally Friendly Way To Leave The World A Better Place” Featuring Maria Korsnick, NEI

We are thrilled to share a Special Edition COBT featuring Maria Korsnick, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI).

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“No One Is Focused On Capacity” Featuring David Tudor, Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.

We are powered up for a Special Edition COBT with our good friend, David Tudor. David is the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Associated Electric Cooperative Incorporated (AECI), a member-owned electric co-op serving two million customers in Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma.

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